Chandrea Baster, BBA, BA

I'm passionate about connecting with others, and I am honored to work in a field that promotes mental wellness and self-care to people of all ages. Mental health is a crucial component of overall wellbeing and I love that my day-to-day work has a direct impact on people's lives!"

Chandrea Baster, BBA, BAPatient Experience Associate

Focused heavily on people and integrity-led progression, Chandrea Baster is a first-generation Polish American with a reputation for improving fast-paced operational efficiencies, team unification, and overall customer/patient satisfaction. To date, Chandrea brings an extensive background involving (but not limited to) cross-functional administration/office management, conflict resolution, agile communication, building high-performing connections, and the art of creating healthy environments that are as positive as they are productive. Applying that as a Patient Experience Associate, Chandrea is passionate about not just exceeding facility-wide objectives, but doing so all while propelling various community and larger-picture initiatives forward.

Born to Polish immigrants and raised in a Chicago suburb, Chandrea’s innate appreciation for independence, commitment, and work ethic became the catalyst for her to build a large inventory of experiences within the sales, healthcare, and educational sectors. Prior to Eappen Clinic, Chandrea became a first-gen college graduate in 2021, attaining a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from the Wisconsin School of Business and a Bachelor of Arts in French Language and Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. During this time, Chandrea was notably a Badger Call Team Member of the University of Wisconsin Foundation, where she played an intricate role in bridging university alumni communications and raising necessary funds for W-Madison scholarships, grants, and students.

Professionally, Chandrea worked as a Wisconsin Union Representative from 2018 to 2021 and subsequently earned internships amid college. One of which was with Golan’s Moving & Storage in 2019 focusing on sales relations, and the other was with Rust-Oleum Corporation in 2020, where Chandrea capitalized on her marketing strengths. Upon graduation in 2021, Chandrea began teaching English at Lycée Polyvalent André Sabatier in France to students aged 14 to 19. Today, Chandrea has since joined Eappen Clinic as of January of 2023. Part of that stems from her passion for helping others in and throughout the community in significant ways and part from her inherent advocacy toward wellness, mental health, and social good relations.

That said, Chandrea’s proven communication skills, sales/marketing agility, and growth innovations without sacrificing team integrity or productivity have not gone unnoticed, as she has earned several accolades throughout her academic and professional careers. Collectively, Chandrea was an October 2020 Employee of the Month for outstanding performance and team contributions, was a Quarter-finalist at IHSA State for Debate in Public Forum in 2017, and is respected for raising over $50,000 in funds for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Today, these successes and experiences have brought Chandrea to the Eappen Clinic landscape.

As a Patient Experience Associate, Chandrea is responsible for managing daily operational, developmental, and patient relations throughout the facility pipeline, as well as forming mutually beneficial external/internal relationships that align with patient care priorities. In addition, she is best known for her high-energy ambiance, compassionate nature, and taking on every patient interaction with a moral compass and an open mind. Overall, Chandrea is a firm believer in creating better business and community futures by instilling positive trajectories today, values the accentuation of patient experiences, and understands that the most successful outcomes in clinical care are the ones that stem from the formation of strong, shared-value relationships.

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